quickSub 0.3.4

The latest version of quickSub has been released, with a couple of minor changes. My Yahoo! has been added to the list of aggregators, and the stylesheet has been updated to address a rather nasty window size issue on IE for Mac.

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2 Responses to quickSub 0.3.4

  1. Daniel says:

    Holy crap Jason Brome blogging!
    Here’s a public congrats on the house thing.
    You may want to trackback this post here: http://www.dashes.com/anil/2004/08/02/for_your_conven.
    So when does the new nntp//rss get released, you know, the one I’ve been using the beta of for, oh, about six months?!

  2. Jason Brome says:

    Thanks Daniel – your comment sneaked in under the radar. I’m so used to getting spam comments, that I was surprised to see your one 🙂
    I hope to soon address the never-ending saga of the next nntp//rss release. The contents of CVS are pretty much up to date with the latest v0.4 beta code, however there are some loose ends to be tied up, and some docs to be updated. I may just go ahead and do a formal beta release so that more people can start to play with the code, without them needing to go through the process of building it.

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