Feedster Search Bookmarklet

Using the Make Search Bookmarklet Tool at Bookmarklets.com, I quickly put together a Feedster Search bookmarklet. Highlight some text on a webpage, then click on the Bookmarklet. Your browser will go to Feedster.com and automatically run a search with the highlighted text – cool!

I’ve included the bookmarklet below – just drag it to the link bar in your browser.

Feedster Search


Of course, had I performed a Feedster search on ‘Feedster Bookmarklet’, I would have seen that this wheel has been reinvented a number of times!

Check out some of the following links for other Feedster Search Bookmarklets:


That said, the Make Search Bookmarklet is a pretty neat tool. I can think of a number of other sites that could benefit from a Search Bookmarklet.

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