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YUI Theater channel for Roku

I have just released a YUI Theater channel for Roku streaming players.  The channel is a private channel, meaning that you cannot find it in the channel store on the player, however all you need to do to add the … Continue reading

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Switching to WordPress

After a long bout of inactivity, I have decided to revisit my blog, and, as part of that process, update from the aging version of Movable Type that is used to manage my existing content to WordPress. I am still … Continue reading

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Unable to connect to package content server

Not the most interesting blog posting title, is it? Anyway, the reason for the aforementioned title is that I just upgraded at work to a new laptop, a Lenovo (nee IBM) Thinkpad. One of the issues I hit while setting … Continue reading

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Busy Times in San Jose…

The summer has flown past, vacations have gone, and now it is time to get back down to some serious business. Started a new project on Monday, and it looks like I will be spending some quality time out here … Continue reading

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quickSub 0.3.5 released

With the recent talk about feed subscribing, I realized that quickSub was long overdue a new release. So, at long last, quickSub 0.3.5 is now available. The most prominent change is the addition of FeedDemon to the list of newsreaders … Continue reading

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Caller ID R.I.P.?

Caller ID has been compromised. No longer do you have the assurance that the number displayed on your ringing telephone actually represents the person on the other end of the line. With the advent of so-called Caller ID spoofing services, … Continue reading

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NASA’s Java PathFinder

Now this looks interesting: Java PathFinder (JPF) is a system to verify executable Java bytecode programs. In its basic form, it is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is used as an explicit state software model checker, systematically exploring all … Continue reading

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Today I had my first experience with Greasemonkey. For those of you who have yet to come across it, Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that opens up a whole new realm of client-side website personalization opportunities. Greasemonkey enables the execution … Continue reading

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Going SWIMming…

Congratulations to Daniel and the team at under[de]construction for the v1.0 release of SWIM. SWIM provides a very innovative approach to Content Management, without the complexity of traditional solutions. You can read more about SWIM in the post over on … Continue reading

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An Open Automotive Applications Platform?

Following on from yesterday’s car radio podcasting request, GadgetGuy brought me down to earth with what we could realistically expect in the near future. While I do not expect car stereo manufacturers to grok podcasting, it would be nice if … Continue reading

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