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Is it August already?

I’ve just realized that it has been 4 months, to the day, since I last posted to this blog. Now, some may put it down to laziness, lack of enthusiam, or the inability to muster together something interesting to talk … Continue reading

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Java, .exe and NSIS

A posting on Brian Duff’s blog about creating native Windows launcher executables for Java applications inspired me to write a short posting about my experience with the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS). I will not go into much detail about … Continue reading

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Write-Cache Enabled?

… otherwise known as when is a sync() not a sync()? Recently I ran some performance tests on disk I/O, from both Java and C-based applications. The nature of the applications is such that they require transactional logging for reliability, … Continue reading

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XDoclet and Commons Modeler

I’ve been working somewhat intensively with XDoclet over the past week, and, as it has proven to be quite a valuable tool, I thought I’d share my experience. The specific reason for my foray into this particular technology was to … Continue reading

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Skype Conferencing

Hot on the tails of SIPphone, Skype today announced the introduction of conferencing support into its P2P-based VoIP telephony platform. I heard about this from an article in The Register, and went straight to download the 0.97 release to try … Continue reading

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XA in a Nutshell

Mike Spille recently posted a three-part series covering XA and the joys of 2 Phase Commit. He provides a thorough description of the topic, with some great examples and good coverage to areas such as failure scenarios and recovery techniques. … Continue reading

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A reflection on quickSub

When I initially released quickSub, back in July of last year, there were to drivers behind the project: 1. Provide a mechanism by which to alleviate the end-user from the current issued faced by content providers for offering a consistent … Continue reading

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quickSub 0.3.2

… has just been released. Now featuring support for NetNewsWire.

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Happy New Year

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and prosperous 2004!

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I recently had my first SIPphone experience. For those unfamiliar with the service, SIPphone is Michael Robertson’s ( founder) new VoIP venture, firmly focused on providing Internet telephony to the masses. I found it a solution that, despite initial configuration … Continue reading

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