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Podcasting: I want an aggregator in my Car Radio

With all the recent talk (and hype) about podcasting, I thought I’d chip in with my two cents. For me, the killer podcasting application would definitely reside within the automotive environment. This is really the only time that I have … Continue reading

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Claiming my feed at Feedster

I just noticed that Feedster are offering some statistics to those who register their feeds. So, here goes… No Need to Click Here – I’m just claiming my feed at Feedster

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Apache Derby on Mac OS X

Earlier this week I got an email from John Tangney, a user of nntp//rss, reporting a problem running the latest release on Mac OS X. After some investigation, it materializes that the problem is actually related to Apache Derby, the … Continue reading

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Amazon goes Queuing

A colleague of mine passed on a surprise announcement from Amazon: They’ve just launched the v1.0 beta of their Simple Queue Service. It is an online queuing service with some very simple SOAP and REST-style APIs for message queuing. For … Continue reading

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Web Services Version Mania

This past week I attended Oracle’s Developer Days in New Jersey. The sessions basically covered Oracle’s pitch on SOA – although, unsurprisingly, after an initial high level SOA level-set, it seemed to focus more on the presentation, business and persistence … Continue reading

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Web Services Reliable Messaging – An Update

Reliable Messaging holds a special interest for me, having played a significant part in my career (in the manifestation of various technologies such MQSeries, MSMQ, and, most recently, the products of Envoy) over the past ten years. Therefore it is … Continue reading

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nntp//rss v0.5-beta-1

… has just been released. Lots of features that have been lurking in CVS for over a year (Atom parsing, OPML import/export, use of Jakarta Commons HTTP Client), as well as some newer features (Categories, Apache Derby embedded database.) Still … Continue reading

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Aspect-Oriented Networking

Some interesting discussions are starting to happen on the similarities between the Aspect-Oriented Programming approach and SOAP’s processing model. SOAP’s use of XML namespaces to separate concerns within the header of a message enables the introduction of aspects (e.g. reliability, … Continue reading

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Feedster Search Bookmarklet

Using the Make Search Bookmarklet Tool at, I quickly put together a Feedster Search bookmarklet. Highlight some text on a webpage, then click on the Bookmarklet. Your browser will go to and automatically run a search with the … Continue reading

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quickSub 0.3.4

The latest version of quickSub has been released, with a couple of minor changes. My Yahoo! has been added to the list of aggregators, and the stylesheet has been updated to address a rather nasty window size issue on IE … Continue reading

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