Reading Blogs in your newsreader? Check it out!

I’ve set up a demo server for those people who have yet to experience nntp//rss. Check out the following post to the nntp//rss forum for more information:

By the way – this server is running a work-in-progress copy of v0.4, with a special twist. It’s running using the new MySQL support that’ll be part of this release. hsqldb is great for single user or small group deployments, but if you are considering using nntp//rss to serve a larger group of users, MySQL scales quite nicely.

Version 0.4 will allow you to use either solution – hsqldb for standard deployments, and MySQL for those that require higher performance.

p.s. The demo server is running on a trial basis – and may be subject to interruption at any time. If you can’t reach it, try again later!

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