Going through the motions

Starting a blog doesn’t mean just getting the software running, or signing up for a hosted service. There’s also a number of ancilliary activities, (some) beneficial to the blog’s publisher and readers, that need review.

Here’s an overview of the steps that I’ve gone through post-blog-creation:

  1. Add feed to Syndic8 – Y
  2. Add Geo tags – Y
  3. Register with GeoTags – N (Unable to open database)
  4. Register with GeoURL – Y
  5. Register with BlogShares (and indirectly ping weblogs.com) – Y
  6. Add RSS feed to Feedster – Already listed(!)
  7. Add RSS feed to rssSearch – Y
  8. Add site to blogdex – Y
  9. Register with nyc bloggers – Y (thanks M-EL šŸ™‚

This sounds like a web service in the making. Anyone want to create a blog provisioning service that’ll automate these tasks?

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4 Responses to Going through the motions

  1. ME-L says:

    Don’t forget, for the NYC blogs: add blog to nycbloggers map. (www.nycbloggers.com)
    But yeah, that *would* be a cool service…

  2. Jason says:

    I had a feeling my work wasn’t over! Thanks for the heads-up; I’ve just added the blog to nyc bloggers.
    As for the web service – maybe that’s something that the guys over at TypePad (www.typepad.com) might ponder for their new service.

  3. Roberto Brome Lizaur says:

    Mi nombre es Roberto Brome. Vivo en la ciudad del Puerto de Sta Maria (Cadiz) en el sur de Espa

  4. Barry Bowdidge says:

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